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April 14, 2013

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Rocket Learning fights to preserve free tutoring services for low-income families

The recent public debate over the state of our country’s educational system has increasingly turned to a debate over waivers from provisions of No Child Left Behind, including the Supplemental Educational Services Program, which provides free tutoring services for the most vulnerable students.  While a number of recent news reports have highlighted a few bad actors, the overwhelming majority of providers, faith-based groups and community organizations that provide free tutoring services are made up of people who are involved in their communities and care deeply about the children and families they serve.

With the Provider Spotlight Series, Tutor Our Children is highlighting free tutoring providers who are working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families every day.  Rocket Learning is one such provider that strives to create academic programs that enrich the lives of every student, providing them with the skills they need to reach their academic goals.

“So many children who are struggling in underperforming schools simply do not have the resources they need to succeed,” said ­­­­Matthew Mugo Fields, Rocket Learning Co-founder. “At Rocket Learning, we work hard to perfect our services so that every child has an opportunity to succeed in the classroom and beyond.  We care deeply about these children, their families and the communities in which we operate.  Eliminating this program for those who need it the most would be a tragedy.”

Parents also took the opportunity to weigh in on their children’s experience with Rocket Learning.

“Both of my kids participated in the Rocket Learning tutoring program for the year. I feel it was good for them because it has helped both of them with their learning abilities and self-esteem,” said Oscar Quintana of Fontana, California.

“Personally I like Rocket Learning because it makes the program fun for the kids. They loved going [to the program] and that is important to me as a parent that the kids like what they do,” added Pamela Chavez, a parent whose children attend Cypress Elementary in Fontana, California.

Rocket Learning is the largest provider of free after-school tutoring in the United States, providing services to over 240,000 students since opening its doors in 2005. Based on its criterion-referenced pre and post assessments, Rocket Learning students have achieved an average increase of 24% and have demonstrated significant improvement in school grades, self-esteem and overall desire to learn.

Click here to learn more about all that Rocket Learning is doing to provide customized educational solutions that positively impact students, schools, and communities.

Tutor Our Children was created to give a voice to the parents and children who benefit from federally funded tutoring services and the providers, community organizations and faith-based groups across the country dedicated to extending support to the most vulnerable students.  For more information, visit www.tutorourchildren.org.  

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